I’ve decided to start a blog to explore the topics and issues that I am passionate about; namely Islam, developments in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, feminism and everything in between.



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,
    I was just wondering why you chose the name Dhegdheer for your blog? Do you see any connections between modern Somali politics and the old witch?

    • dhegdheer says:

      Hi, there wasn’t any special reason, just always found the story strange and fascinating. It never made any sense to me, if she was a cannibal-monster-witch, how did she have a human daughter. You can probably find a link to modern Somali politics though, in the sense that our leaders and the actors in the conflict have been devouring their own for decades.

      • starrynightiaa says:

        Hey, my mother had told me dhegdhear (dheg- ears; dhear- long) or Big ears, only spared her own child, and devoured anyone else. Dhegdheer was in fact very much human thus enabling her to have a human child; she was just mentally corrupt. She would assure herself that she was devouring the meat of an animal instead of her own people. But yes, you can metaphorically link this to tribalism and corruption if you will.

  2. dhegdheer says:

    Thanks for clearing that up for me! The story always fascinated me, I wonder what turned her into the monster she became.

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