(Some) African Producers

How uplifting! Makes me wonder, who, besides Somalis, actually drinks camel milk? It tastes pretty damn good though.

Believing in Africa


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2 thoughts on “(Some) African Producers

  1. starrynightiaa says:

    Interesting post: I definitely wouldn’t have guessed Ethiopia produces the world’s most cereal. I knew Somalia was famous for camel milk, but not at an international scale. Keep factual posts like these coming!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Rodney Kiltie says:

    Camel milk is extremely nutritious and absolutely safe for consumption. It is believed that people who drink camel milk on a regular basis are less prone to suffering from body ailments. Keep reading to explore..

    Kindly visit our very own blog page too
    <http://www.foodsupplementcenter.com/tea-tree-oil-for-hair/ the benefits of drinking camel milk.Eminent scientists and researchers from different countries have proven that camel milk has numerous health benefits. It has been touted since ages that the milk of this desert animal has endured nomads and Bedouins during their long wandering odyssey. Domestication of camels and camel farming are extensively carried out in dry and arid regions like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kenya, etc.

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