Monthly Archives: June 2012

Interesting times in Somalia

So interesting in fact, that it’s distracted me from keeping up with this blog, which was kind of a New Year’s Resolution for me. In truth, I’ve stopped paying attention to Somali news in recent weeks because I’ve come to realise that investing any real interest in Somali politics, which is essentially a series of almost always head-scratchingly awful events, is a pathway to madness. If this conclusion could be represented in video form, it would look a lot like the two below which surfaced online in the last couple of weeks. The first is kinda funny at first, then depressing. It was recorded at the recent Istanbul Conference, which was meant to be focused on humanitarian issues, but being about Somalia, politics is never off the table. For non-Somalis, the lady speaker by accident (or was it?!) (who cares) , calls the Speaker  of Parliament (is he really?!) Sharif Hassan (no, really, do you know?)by his offensive naaneys (nickname) (last parenthesis, I promise), Sharif Sakiin (razorblade) (I lied). Yeah, I don’t understand how it’s that offensive either. As you can see from the video, most people find the humour in it, because he really is incredibly corrupt (he takes cuts, geddit?). His clansmen in the audience do not find it as funny, see their reaction and the whole thing from about a minute in, laugh and then weep.

The next video is less funny, and more sad. Sad really because it shows that someone so accomplished in the humanitarian sector in the Horn, has failed to accomplish true humanitarianism on a personal level. This is Edna Aden, founder of the eponymous women’s hospital in Somaliland, and advocate for the recognition of the state, using Somalia’s current suffering as a tool for this end. In this long lecture she mentions that Somalis in Somalia don’t want peace, and will export their industries of piracy and terrorism to Somaliland if the international community doesn’t hurry and recognise it. Failing, of course, to mention where certain leaders of certain Somali terror groups hail from.

For now, I’ll look out for more fluffy stories on Somalia, less of this crap.