When the West gets it right and the Left don’t

Russia and China’s recent UN Security Council veto of the US and Arab League-backed resolution calling for the removal of President Bashar Assad, despite the vote coming after the massacre of Homs, was despicable. What really surprises me amongst the ongoing bloodshed in Syria is the lack of real condemnation of the regime from left-wing anti-war movements in the West. So far it seems only Western governments are making the most noise in condemnation of the violence. Strange.

Browsing the Stop the War Coalition website , which played a large role in the early protests against the Iraq war in the UK and is now focused on working against any potential strike on Iran, proves fruitless. The only articles on the Syrian uprising are focused on the perils of any Western military intervention à la Libya 2011. That’s it, the killing of Syrian civilians only matters if they are killed by Western bombs.


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